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*Last Updated on January 31,2016

Wind World Control Center

Wind World (India) Ltd. has implemented state-of-the-art Information Technology infrastructure, with software applications that allow the company to monitor each wind turbine online remotely from a centrally located Wind World Control Centre (WWCC).

The environment created, is an automated SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) based wind resource asset management solution, to run wind farms more efficiently and profitably.

WWCC is the control centre of a large network connecting over 5900 wind turbines online. It comprises of:

The WWCC has given rich benefits to the wind farms, and overall enhanced efficiency of Wind World operations through:

The WWCC is an effective asset management solution which stands to realize significant cost reduction in Operations and Maintenance. The main objective for WWCC is to increase revenue by minimizing wind turbine generator down time and ensure its optimal performance as per the Power Curves, which is achieved by quickly responding to turbine abnormalities round the clock.

'The WWCC uses advanced Business Intelligence (BI) software for in-depth analysis of SCADA data to maximize turbine availability and performance, and reduce turbine fault with an objective of better asset management decisions in near or real time. The WWCC BI application and dashboard gives the operational staff a single view of all multiple wind farms and their turbines at a glance. Archived data of WWCC SCADA application is interfaced and utilized in SAP to carry out preventive and breakdown  maintenance of turbines, calculate spares provisioning strategy and also financial budget management.

The WWCC can remotely reset turbines, thus ensuring against major breakdowns. A large number of faults are diagnosed and reset by the WWCC in an automated mode. The fault status generated by the WWCC and repair protocols from the Document Management System at Wind World, enable faster and more coordinated repair of the wind farm assets.

The WWCC team comprises of highly trained engineers, who are experts on wind technology. These engineers continuously monitor and interpret the data which is being received through the turbines, on a 24 x 7 mode.