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*Last Updated on January 31,2016

What Differentiates us?

It's every individual's dream to serve society and leave his mark, by positively impacting the world he lives in.

Wind World's 'human talent' today is 5,600. This includes engineers, management graduates and other professionals. With the average employee age of 28 years, WWIL channelizes the energy of a youthful organization in national building, through green energy projects. The company increased its talent pool by hiring 100+ engineering talent in FY 2012-13.

While it is true that virtually every organization in some way contributes to society, it is not every day one comes across an organization that powerfully impacts the country as a whole, and is now endeavoring to venture beyond Indian shores.

Considering that India has one of the lowest per capita power consumption in the world, there is a consistent shortfall in energy supply annually.

Meeting the needs of this burgeoning market is what has drawn scores of bright, ambitious and ready-to-go young people to WWIL over the years.

Most WinDirecters when asked what attracted them to the organization, have these facts in common to declare:

Here however, are some facts that may ignite your curiosity about us further:

Honestly speaking, how many organizations will you find today in which you can have a career with a difference?