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*Last Updated on January 31,2016

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WW-53 (800 Kw)

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Our Product


Rated power: 800 kW
Rotor diameter: 52.9 m
Tower height: 74 m concrete
Hub height: 74 m
IEC WT class: Class III B
Turbine concept: Gearless, variable speed, variable pitch control


Type: Upwind rotor with active pitch control
Rotational Direction: Clockwise
Number of blades: 3
Swept Area: 2,198 meter2.
Blade Material: GRP (epoxy resin), integrated lightning protection
Rotation Speed: Variable, 12-28.3 rpm
Pitch Control: Wind World (India) Ltd. blade pitch system, one independent pitching system per rotor blade with allocated emergency supply.

Drive Train with Generator

Hub: Rigid
Main Bearings: Tapered roller bearing pair
Generator: Wind World direct-drive annular generator
Grid Feeding: Wind World (India) Ltd. inverter
Braking System: 3 independent blade pitch systems with generator supply
- Rotor brake
- Rotor lock
Yaw Control: Active via adjustment gears, load-dependent damping
Cut-out wind speed: 25 m/s - with Wind World (India) Ltd. storm control