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*Last Updated on January 31,2016

Founder's View

Founders View

Renewable Energy in India is only just taking off ! The potential for Renewable Energy is phenomenal, and I would say in India it is definitely equivalent to the 'Conventional Source' of energy if not more!

The estimated Indian wind energy potential has been assumed by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy in a study conducted in the late 90's to be 45,000 MW's. A more recent study by AWS Truewind, India estimates India's wind energy potential at 65,000 MW's. My personal estimate is that India has a minimum tap-able potential of 2,50,000 + MW's of wind energy on-shore.

The major strengths of Wind World (India) Ltd. (WWIL) (formerly Enercon (India) Limited) are the 3C's - Competent Teams, Cutting Edge Technology and Constant Pursuit of Excellence on all fronts.

Our major focus points are meticulous planning and seamless coordination, as we go forward with our growth plans.

As we grow we will need to follow world-class systems to remain competitive and to keep ahead. Towards the same, we will continue to deploy cutting edge information technology tools and solutions, coupled with a strong emphasis on Quality, to ensure we achieve our objectives. The emphasis we place on training and competency-building, equip us well to spread our wings and sustain our growth.

The year ended March 31, 2013 has seen WWIL scale new peaks; our cumulative Installed Capacity in the country has crossed 4561 MW's. This milestone has propelled us to be amongst India's leading organisations in the wind energy sector.

The impetus provided for green energy by our Government, will also enable us to take bigger strides in the future!

WWIL is my dream, which I am fortunate to live every single day. It's been very challenging and exciting. We have been able to create the infrastructure required for any organization to take off and cruise! This includes building a very competent team and systems to help WWIL not only grow but also sustain its growth levels.

The next 10 years will be the golden period for the Indian Wind Industry, and WWIL will surely be amongst the leading players in the Wind Industry in India, in the times to come!

Yogesh Mehra
Managing Director