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*Last Updated on January 31,2016

Employee Care

Our Values

Wind World (India) Ltd. is driven by four key values:


We function as trustees of the organization in all our dealings, demonstrate transparency in interactions, abide by all our documented guidelines, match words with actions, and take responsibility for the same.


We will collaborate and partner internally to drive common goals, build synergy, and fulfill commitments to stakeholders, while leveraging one another's strengths and respecting differences.


We believe in striving to achieve excellence in all spheres of activities and exceed shareholder expectations.


We are committed to keeping promises, adhere to timelines and reach our business goals without ever diluting our core commitment to preserve mother earth.

We're a company that realizes well cared-for people will in turn care well about the organization and its business.

Suffice it here to begin by saying that WinDirecters enjoy an excellent work-life balance.

To begin with we offer at-par facilities for our employees' remuneration, medical care and other benefits.

We offer excellent potential for spiral, not just vertical growth, with a suite of fast-track promotion and talent management schemes.

All our people function in an ambience of peace and harmony, with necessary pressure points built in to enable them meet deadlines, deliver quality and excel.

We follow open-door and transparent policies on business matters. All of these policies are well documented and communicated to our people on joining.


Employee Care


Every WinDirecter an invaluable member of the WWIL family. It is all about the value it entrusts in its people and the care it takes for their well-being.

We maintain the highest level of transparency to provide the qualitative service to our customers.

Every WinDirecter practices an open door policy which is ensured by a clear-cut system orientation and policy. We respect the individual's freedom and working style, which results in high employee morale.

WinDirecters have true sportsman spirit and know when to be team leaders/players. We work in a high energy environment and believe in other's abilities.

WWIL practices participative management, which helps in the growth of the organization. Individual employee suggestions are valued and implemented, thus resulting in the collective growth of employee and organization. The work environment at WWIL provides the best opportunities to learn and grow in a manner well suited for employees who are fired to grow, and have the enthusiasm to excel.



The employee-centric approach of WWIL enables the organization to achieve its business goals and continuously strive towards: