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*Last Updated on January 31,2016



Wind World (India) Ltd. wind turbines are equipped with state-of-the-art microelectronic control technology produced in-house at our Daman plant. Having all the modern equipment to manufacture all the electrical and electronic components, including testing facility within the plant. The MPU (Main Processing Unit) is the central element of the control system, which constantly registers information from the peripheral control elements, such as the yaw control and active pitch control systems. Its function is to adjust the individual system parameters, to ensure that the wind turbines achieve maximum output, under all weather conditions. It also helps in controlling/improving grid parameters as per the requirement of local grid conditions.


To achieve high quality and reliability, Wind World (India) Ltd. has an in-house facility to produce control systems at Daman. During manufacturing, stage-wise inspection and testing of pitch control, yaw system, Nacelle control and converters, ensure its function for smooth operation. The components and sensors used in the control systems are highly reliable with proven track records for their enhanced performance in the wind turbines. Each Control and Power panel is tested individually before installing in the turbine.


The control system performs the following key functions:


Amongst other outstanding features, the annular generator is a key component in gearless wind generator design. This low-speed synchronous generator is directly connected to the rotor. Generator output voltage and frequency vary with speed and are converted via the Grid Management System, to be fed into the grid. By adjusting or 'pitching' the blades through electrical excitation via the turbine control system, rotational speed and power output are constantly checked and optimized.

Using maximum power available in the wind, particularly in low wind periods. The electrical power produced by the annular generator passes into the Grid Management System which comprises a rectifier, the DC Link and a modular inverter system. The inverter system defines the essential performance characteristics for output to the grid and ensures that the power output corresponds to grid specifications. In the inverter system, voltage, frequency and power are converted accordingly. Through the transformer, inverter voltage (400 V) is stepped up to the appropriate medium voltage required by the grid or the wind farm network.