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*Last Updated on January 31,2016

Annular Generator

Annular Generator


The WW-53 is a multi-pole variable speed generator. Due to this and power electronics, the gear box which steps up speed to meet the speed of the induction generator, is eliminated; resulting in reduced transmission losses, and elimination of wear and tear of the gear box, and oil leakage associated with it.

The speed of the generator rotor is the speed of the hub rotor, 29.5 RPM maximum for the WW-53. Thus it rotates at 40 and 30 times lower speed than gear box type turbines, resulting in very low wear and tear.

The synchronous generator with its electronics, provides an excellent operational band width i.e. Voltage 415 ± 20% V Frequency 50 ± 5 Hz.


All our machines are continuous pitch regulated i.e., the blade feathers on its axis depending on the requirement of the angle of attack, to achieve optimum efficiency at all wind speeds. Due to this the yield of the electric energy generated is higher.


In case of induction generators the reactive power consumption is very high; especially when the generation is low to medium, as well as these turbines is a strain on the grid systems of the State Electricity Boards.

They consume KVarh to the extent of 45% to 60% of the kwh generated. The State Electricity Boards have imposed a penalty of Re 0.25 to Re 1.00, for drawal of every unit of KVarh which is an additional cost for the owners of the wind farms. The State Electricity Boards have also to spend for additional capacitor banks at their sub-station, to meet the requirements of reactive power, whenever conventional types of wind energy converters i.e., with induction generators are used.

Our synchronous generator with its power electronics, helps in generating KVarh the extent of 0.95 lead of the active power, which actually helps the grid system, and drawing of KVarh is marginal.


Our machines employ three independent aerodynamic brakes. Each blade turns on its own axis simultaneously and comes to such a position that the airflow is almost bypassed i.e., the lift force is considerably reduced, thereby, bringing the turbine to an almost standstill condition. Therefore no additional braking system is required to stop the turbine rotation.


The annular generator is of primary importance in the gearless system design of our wind turbines. Combined with the rotor hub it provides an almost frictionless flow of energy, while the gentle running of fewer moving components guarantees minimal material wear.

Unlike conventional asynchronous generators, our annular generator is subjected to minimal mechanical wear, which makes it ideal for particularly heavy demands and a long service life.

Our annular generator is a low-speed synchronous generator, with no direct grid coupling. The output voltage and frequency vary with the speed and are converted for output to the grid by a DC link and inverter. This achieves a high degree of speed variability.